We run summer camps every year for students of all levels and experience!


This is a camp for newer students or completely beginner students aged 7-10yrs old. We play musical games, introduce various musical theory ideas, listen and identify different types of music and do introductory lessons on a host of instruments - Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing, Ukulele.
This is a great way for students to find out which instrument they may be interested in learning in the future.
Running from July 11th-15th and also August 15th - 19th

This is a camp run for students aged 8-12 who have a decent amount of experience on an instrument already (must be able to play full songs/pieces on their instrument). They form a band, learn a full setlist of songs, cover some basic songwriting and learn what goes into a live performance. The camp is usually finished off with a live performance or an audio recording of a song. Guitarists, singers, piano players, bassists, violinists, drummers etc. all welcome.
Running from July 18th - 29th

This is the same idea as our kids rock camp, just for our older students (12 and above.)
Running from August 1st - 12th


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