Our toddler jam classes are designed to make music social, interactive and accessible to younger age groups. Sessions are thirty minutes long and will run from 11:30am - 12pm . Groups are kept to a maximum of six toddlers and their parent/guardian. Throughout the ten weeks our little rockstars will dance, sing and clap along to some all time classic tunes and nursery rhymes, as well as exploring new genres of music. They will play child friendly percussion instruments to recognise and follow basic music patterns as well as hearing live songs on guitar and ukulele.

After the ten weeks we hope you will have made some music friends, discovered new music to listen and dance to, and grow up loving every single second they have to play music and make noise.

Toddler music classes provide a strong foundation in music for the future along with a host of other benefits : 

1. Music increases toddler’s sensory development

2. Music can improve literacy and numeracy

3. Music helps toddlers build coordination


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